QAnon conspiracy theorists are having a field day with Bill and Melinda Gates divorce

Some speculate Melinda hsa been replaced by a male clone

Shweta Sharma
Wednesday 05 May 2021 08:57
<p>File: Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley, known as the shaman QAnon, is seen in the riots in the capital</p>

File: Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley, known as the shaman QAnon, is seen in the riots in the capital

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QAnon followers are spinning new outlandish conspiracy theories following the news that Bill and Melinda Gates are divorcing.

The far-right group of conspiracy theorists, who says Donald Trump was rescuing the world from an elite group of child-sex traffickers, is peddling numerous conspiracy theories on Gab, Telegram and other platforms.

"So now that Bill (loser) Gates and his wife are being split apart, I just have that gut feeling that she is probably not going to be alive for much longer considering she knows TOO MUCH about his evil plans!" a user said on Gab.

"If I have to guess, the globalists will probably try to pull off a Epstein ‘suicide’ or just make her ‘disappear’, but that’s just my suspicion!"

Mr Gates became the central target of QAnon conspirators and anti-vaxxers last year when they postulated, without evidence, that he was the leader of an alleged child trafficking ring. The baseless theories claimed he engineered the Covid-19 vaccine to implant biometric microchips into people in order to control the global population.

As the theorists analysed the news philanthropist couple were divorcing after 27 years of marriage, some speculated that Mr Gates initiated the divorce as Melinda has been replaced by a male clone.

Another bizarre theory suspected an affair between Ms MelGatesnda and Dr Anthony Fauci, the US leading infectious disease expert, claiming that she is leaving him for a “real doctor”.

“The current version of ‘Melinda’ Gates is a dude, change my mind,” said a user on Telegram.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones also fuelled the claims by saying Mr Gates was laundering his wealth through a "tax-free foundation."

He even claimed that Ms Gates feared that her husband would kill more “people than Hitler”. His video of said claims is being widely shared in the groups.

Previously this year, Mr Gates described conspiracy theorists as “crazy and evil” during an interview with Reuters.

“Nobody would have predicted that I and Dr Fauci would be so prominent in these really evil theories. I’m very surprised by that. I hope it goes away,” Mr Bill had said.

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