CPAC 2015: We asked 13 Republicans to tell us the biggest political issue facing the US

CPAC conference attendees gave a wide range of responses

Payton Guion
Friday 27 February 2015 22:00

The Conservative Political Action Conference is an annual gathering of citizens, activists and politicians representing the right wing of American politics, and the event kicked off on Thursday.

The Independent used CPAC as a chance to ask 13 conference-goers their opinion on the biggest issues facing the US.

Answers varied wildly, though stayed within the conservative constraints expected at an event like CPAC. Some felt politicians would be best served by focusing on foreign policy, while others said they were most concerned about the economy.

Oh, and we also asked them who they would like to see win the 2016 presidential election. See the responses below.

Brent Eastwood, Washington DC

Biggest issue: “Foreign policy and national security, especially with everything that’s going on with Ukraine and Isis and the Iran nuclear negotiations.

Presidential candidate: “I like them all…but Ambassador John Bolton fits the bill.”

Montana Hyde, Washington DC

Biggest issue: “I think right now the biggest issue is tax reform. Most people think it only affects the CEOs, but it really benefits everyone.”

Presidential candidate: No comment

Joe Payton, West Virginia (not pictured)

Biggest issue: “Budget. The debt is ridiculous.”

Presidential candidate: Ben Carson

Ashley Matt, Florida

Biggest issue: “The size and role of government.”

Presidential candidate: “I wanted two women to be president, Jan Brewer and Susana Martinez, but since they’re not going to run, I like Scott Walker.”

James Broussard, Pennsylvania (not pictured)

Biggest issue: “It’s always a head and head race between national security and economic prosperity, and I think we’re seeing that again.”

Presidential candidate: Scott Walker

John Gerard Louis, Kansas City, Missouri

Biggest issue: “The moral culture of this country is the biggest issue.”

Presidential candidate: Rick Santorum

Anders Kiledal, Michigan (not pictured)

Biggest issue: “The conservative side finding the balance between libertarianism and conservative-ism.”

Presidential candidate: Rand Paul

Kyle Campbell, Maryland

Biggest issue: “Right now we need to get out of debt. The government is spending too much money on things we don’t need to spend it on.”

Presidential candidate: Chris Christie, but “I think Rand Paul has the best chance to beat Hillary (Clinton).

Riley Finn, Chicago (not pictured)

Biggest issue: “I would love to see Obamacare repealed.”

Presidential candidate: Scott Walker

Pat Spann, Virginia

Biggest issue: “National security and terrorists.”

Presidential candidate: Scott Walker

Mike Stevens, Virginia (not pictured)

Biggest issue: “National security. It’s a problem with open borders. I think we need controlled borders.”

Presidential candidate: Ted Cruz

Kristopher Del Campo, Las Vegas, Nevada (not pictured)

Biggest issue: “It’s our stance on foreign policy. So many things are happening, from Isis to terrorism in France.”

Presidential candidate: Rick Santorum

Adam Bloom-Paicopolos, Maryland

Biggest issue: “The debt we’re facing right now. As students, we’re going to have our own individual debt and then the national debt coming down on us.”

Presidential candidate: Rand Paul

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