Harmony Montgomery’s trial shown chilling blood evidence as father Adam skips court: Updates

GRAPHIC WARNING: Disturbing content. Harmony Montgomery, five, was last seen alive in late 2019, but authorities in Manchester, New Hampshire, only started looking for her two years later

Andrea Blanco
Thursday 15 February 2024 03:00

Officers saw missing 5-year-old in Sept 2019’: Police chief on Harmony Montgomery case

Adam Montgomery has remained absent from his own murder trial over the murder of his five-year-old daughter Harmony in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Mr Montgomery’s trial is under way more than four years after Harmony was last seen alive in 2019.

Authorities failed to search for the missing child – who was known to protective services – for more than two years after she went missing.

In 2022, Mr Montgomery was charged with second-degree murder, abuse of a corpse and falsifying physical evidence.

Kayla Montgomery told police that her husband struck the little girl several times after she had a bathroom accident.

The little girl’s remains were first hidden in a ceiling vent at a shelter where the family stayed after her death. Montgomery snuck the remains into his workplace freezer, before disposing of them in March 2020.

On Wednesday, jurors were shown a cut-out blood-stained piece of ceiling drywall where Harmony’s remains were once stored.

“As soon as I removed the cover, I could smell what I knew was decomposition,” former Manchester police detective Scott Reily said. “I could smell what I believed to be a dead body.”

Harmony’s remains have never been found.


Adam Montgomery pins blame for Harmony’s murder on ex-wife in dramatic opening statement

On Thursday, Montgomery’s lawyer gave a dramatic preview of the line of defence they will be pursuing during trial. During opening statement, attorney James Brooks claimed that it was Kayla Montgomery, his client’s estranged wife and Harmony’s stepmother, who last saw the little girl alive.

Mr Brooks went on to say that Kayla Montgomery had created a web of lies to put the blame on her husband and that Adam Montgomery had merely agreed to destroy evidence to “protect” his wife and keep custody of their young children.

Adam Montgomery pins blame for Harmony’s murder on ex-wife in opening statement

Father has said he intends to plead guilty to two lesser charges of abuse of a corpse and falsifying information, but denies killing his daughter

Andrea Blanco15 February 2024 03:00

Harmony Montgomery’s father posted ‘loving’ social media post two years before allegedly punching her to death

The abuse that Harmony endured at the hands of her father emerged during the trial, with Kayla telling the court that the little girl was kept hidden under a blanket to cover her bruised body and bloodied face from the beatings.

Kayla also told jurors that Montgomery had “worked” to obtain custody, and recounted how they both helped decorate Harmony’s Mickey Mouse-themed bedroom before she came to live with them.

Adam Montgomery’s ‘loving’ social media post before allegedly killing daughter

‘My beautiful baby girl,’ Adam Montgomery wrote in a 2017 post

Andrea Blanco15 February 2024 01:00

Rampant abuse, damning DNA evidence and a ‘betrayal’ prison letter: Harmony Montgomery trial’s key revelations

Harmony disappeared in 2019, but police didn’t know she was missing until two years later, when her mother publicly demanded an investigation after months of failed attempts to get in touch with Montgomery.

Montgomery’s estranged wife and Harmony’s stepmother Kayla Montgomery later came forward with allegations that he fatally hit Harmony in the head after she soiled herself while the family was travelling in a car. Kayla and Adam Montgomery’s then-infant sons were also inside the vehicle, where the family had been living after being evicted from their home in November 2019.

What followed were two years of disturbing plots to hide Harmony’s decomposing body. Montgomery finally disposed of it at an unknown location in March 2020.

Harmony’s remains have never been found.

Here are some of the key revelations that have emerged in court during the first two weeks of trial:

Key revelations in Harmony Montgomery murder trial

GRAPHIC WARNING. Adam Montgomery’s trial has heard disturbing revelations surrounding his daughter’s December 2019 death

Andrea Blanco15 February 2024 00:00

WATCH: Ex-police officer describes processing car which Harmony Montgomery was murdered in

Ex-police officer describes processing car which Harmony Montgomery was murdered in
Andrea Blanco14 February 2024 23:00

Harmony Montgomery’s stepmother’s ‘betrayal letter’ revealed

Kayla Montgomery, the prosecution’s key witness, took the stand on Friday to testify about the way her husband allegedly murdered his five-year-old daughter Harmony in December 2019. Kayla, Harmony’s stepmother, is serving an 18-month prison sentence on perjury charges for lying to police about Harmony’s whereabouts.

Harmony Montgomery’s stepmother’s ‘betrayal letter’ revealed

Adam Montgomery denies killing his five-year-old daughter

Andrea Blanco14 February 2024 22:00

Court adjourned for the day

The proceedings will resume tomorrow morning.

Andrea Blanco14 February 2024 21:21

Adam Montgomery trial is shown red cooler where Harmony’s body was stored

Martin Orlowicz gave testimony about the prints found on the red cooler where Harmony’s body was initially stored.

Mr Orlowicz also took samples from the blood-stained ceiling drywall that was cut out from the shelter where Adam and Kayla Montgomery and their two sons stayed after Harmony died.

Andrea Blanco14 February 2024 20:53

Manchester police evidence technician Rachel Radwych told jurors that she processed the cut-out blood-stain ceiling tile.

Andrea Blanco14 February 2024 19:02

Court takes lunch recess

Proceedings will resume in an hour.

Andrea Blanco14 February 2024 17:24

Trial sees blood-stained ceiling drywall

Manchester police detective Ray Lamy showed jurors a portion of the blood-stained ceiling drywall where Harmony’s remains were hidden.

Andrea Blanco14 February 2024 17:02

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