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Armourer who handed gun to Alec Baldwin found guilty over fatal movie set shooting

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the armourer who handed actor Alec Baldwin a gun on the set of Rust , was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the accidental shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins

Andrea Cavallier
Thursday 07 March 2024 15:13 GMT
‘Rust’ firearms supplier tells armourer’s manslaughter trial he never provided live rounds

A jury has found Hannah Gutierrez-Reed guilty of involuntary manslaughter in connection to the accidental 2021 shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

The armourer who gave Alec Baldwin a gun on the set of the doomed movie Rust did not take the stand in her own defence during the trial, which lasted nearly two weeks.

The jury deliberated for 2.5 hours before delivering the verdict on Wednesday. She was found not guilty of evidence tampering.

Gutierrez-Reed did not react as the verdicts were read out, but appeared to be in disbelief when the judge ordered she be taken into custody.

Loved ones and supporters gathered in the Santa Fe courtroom were visibly upset. Her sentencing was set for April, but an exact date is to be determined. She faces up to 18 months in prison.

Actor and producer Alec Baldwin is also facing involuntary manslaughter charges related to the shooting. His trial will begin on 9 July.

Prosecutors said Gutierrez-Reed is to blame for unwittingly bringing live ammunition on set and that she flouted basic safety protocols for weapons handling.

The defence said she was unfairly scapegoated for problems beyond her control, including Mr Baldwin’s handling of the weapons.


Defence team’s last witness takes the stand

P.J. Pesce is the last witness to take the stand for the defence.

Mr Pesce, who is a writer and director is telling the jury about the movies he’s worked on, specifically movie sets where firearms were used.

Andrea Cavallier6 March 2024 17:10

What to expect next in ‘Rust’ trial

The judge discussed with the court what to expect next in today’s proceedings.

  • Defence will present its last witness
  • Closing arguments 
  • Judge will read jury instructions
  • Alternates will be pulled aside and thanked for their tim
Andrea Cavallier6 March 2024 17:14

Pesce says he never worked a film where an armorer had to split duties

Pesce told the court on Wednesday that he has never worked a film where an armorer had to split duties as a prop master.

In order to maintain a safe set, he said it’s not only advisable but recommended to have daily safety meetings.

He also testified that weapons need to be tracked consistently.

Andrea Cavallier6 March 2024 17:15

Pesce says there’s a hotline, but reporting an unsafe set could put career in jeopardy

Pesce testified that there is a hotline crew members can call if they feel a set isn’t safe. But it’s something people often do.

“If you report something, you could put your career in jeopardy, and no one wants to do that,” he said.

Andrea Cavallier6 March 2024 17:22

Prosecution cross-examines witness

Prosecution is cross examining Pesce, who clarifies that anyone can call cut on set, including Hannah Gutierrez-Reed.

It was mentioned that Gutierrez-Reed was not inside the church at the time of the shooting. She was out performing other armorer duties.

On redirect from defence, Pesce says that if there is a firearm on set, the armorer should also be on set. He is excused and the defence rests.

Andrea Cavallier6 March 2024 17:25

Defence rests in Hannah Gutierrez-Reed's trial

The defence rests in the Hannah Gutierrez-Reed trial following one last witness this morning.

The judge is now reading jury instructions to the jurors.

Closing arguments by both sides will follow before the jury is sent out to deliberate – which could be as early as this afternoon.

Andrea Cavallier6 March 2024 17:28

State begins closing arguments

Kari Morrisey giving the closing for the state.

She shows a photo of Halyna Hutchins to the court.

“We end exactly as we began, in the pursuit of justice for Halyna Hutchins,” she says.

Andrea Cavallier6 March 2024 17:43

‘We hear her, we see her – she says nothing’

Morrisey says Hannah Gutierrez-Reed failed to maintain proper safety on set.

She shows a series of photos with a stuntman holding a gun and pointing it at different people on set, including a child, and a camera. There is also a picture of Gutierrez-Reed holding a gun that is pointing at her face.

“We hear her, we see her,” Morrisey says about her being on set. “She says nothing.”

Andrea Cavallier6 March 2024 17:49

“I can't be responsible for every f****** stunt guy”

Morrissey shows a transcript of one of Gutierrez-Reed’s interviews.

“I can’t be responsible for every dickhead, f****** stunt guy that gets a hold of the gun and doesn’t understand it’s hot.”

Morrissey tells the the court that is exactly what her job responsibility is.

Andrea Cavallier6 March 2024 17:53

Jury shown photos to help identify live rounds

Morrissey displays a photo that shows Hannah Gutierrez-Reed holding a box of rounds.

“You are looking at live rounds,” she said.

She told jurors that any time the jury sees photos of ammunition with a silver primer, that is evidence of a live round.

The silver silver dummies didn’t arrive on set for another two days.

Andrea Cavallier6 March 2024 18:02

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