Dashcam footage shows police officers pulling unconscious man from burning car

Fire and rescue personnel say that the officers saved the man's life

Elsa Vulliamy
Saturday 12 March 2016 13:44

Two police officers have been awarded a Medal of Valour and Gold Award after an in-car camera captured them rescuing an unconscious man from a burning car.

Officers Cory Fields and Brian Nesbitt were dispatched soon after midnight on 1 September 2015 after a collision occurred on a road near Silver Spring, Maryland.

Footage of the events at the scene recorded by a dash cam inside Officer Field’s police car was made public for the first time on Friday, when the officers were being honoured at an award ceremony.

When Officer Fields arrived at the scene, the car engine was on fire and the 34-year-old driver, referred to by police as Mr Isreal, was still trapped inside.

The video shows the Officer Fields breaking the passenger side window in order to pull the driver out, because the drivers’ side was up against a hard shoulder. Officer Nesbitt arrives seconds later and assists him.

Working together, the officers managed to remove the unconscious man from the vehicle just as the fire began to spread into the passenger compartment of the car. They immediately begin to assist him medically on the roadside.

Fire and rescue personnel said that the driver would have died in the fire had it not been for the heroic actions of the two officers.

Police Chief Tom Manger said: “Officers Cory Fields and Brian Nesbitt placed their own lives in danger and exhibited uncommon bravery and dedication when they rescued Mr Isreal, who was unconscious, from his burning vehicle.”

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