Drone fires burgers at the homeless in charity viral video gone wrong

Maybe just hand them a burger? Or better still something nutritious? Or better still get them help?

I see a lot of terrible, self-congratulatory viral videos masquerading as humble attempts to help the needy in my line of work, but this one really takes some beating.

Some bright spark in San Francisco decided to "deliver heart disease to impoverished Americans", as one viewer put it, by strapping Burger King whoppers to drones, flying them over the city and releasing them on unsuspecting vagrant-looking types.

The best worst things about this video:

- The cheerful, Ocean's Elevens heist-esque music

- The fact that the method is basically a Rube Goldberg machine. Why not just hand the food to the homeless?

- How it implies the inventors are scared of homeless people and will only help them from the safety of a remote drone

- The whole thing almost certainly being Burger King's work, given the close-up shot of a BK bag at 2:14.

Next on the internet, firing burritos at orphans from a cannon! Dropping Skittles like napalm on refugees!


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