Man claiming to be Jesus and love child of JFK and Marilyn Monroe arrested 'for trying to steal President Obama's dogs'

President Obama has two Portuguese Water Dogs, Sunny and Bo


Rachael Revesz
New York
Friday 08 January 2016 22:20
Sunny and Bo are walked every morning on the lawn
Sunny and Bo are walked every morning on the lawn

A man who claimed to be Jesus was foiled in his attempt to kidnap one of President Obama’s dogs, Sunny and Bo, according to court documents.

Scott Stockert, who said he is the love child of John F Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, was arrested at Hampton Inn, Washington DC with unregistered firearms and ammunition.

He told police he was in town to announce his candidacy for President and to advocate for $99-per-month health care - but he secretly had a plan to use the weapons to kidnap one of President Obama’s two Portuguese Water Dogs.

Sunny and Bo are walked by a handler every morning on the South Lawn of the White House and are the Obama’s family pets.

The man from North Dakota was arrested a week after making the plan when authorities discovered the weapons in his truck, which was parked near the Washington Convention Center.

Mr Stockert reportedly said: ”You picked the wrong person to mess with. I will **** your world up,” as reported by NBC Washington.

The court documents did not reveal why Mr Stockert wanted to kidnap one of the President's dogs or which one he would choose.

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