Man wakes up to find burglar sucking his toes

Intruder tells victim he was only there 'to suck toes'

Kate Ng
Tuesday 07 January 2020 10:46
Man wakes up to find burglar sucking his toes

Authorities in Florida are reportedly looking for a man suspected of breaking into another man’s home and sucking on his toes as he slept.

The victim awoke on Christmas Eve to find the burglar at the foot of his bed in his home in Bradenton city, according to news station WSOC TV.

The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office said the suspect declared he was there “to suck toes” when 20-year-old victim told he did not have any money.

Officers said the intruder reportedly attempted to grab the victim's groin, and an altercation ensued between the two men before the suspect fled.

Before leaving, the suspect climbed onto the victim’s car parked outside the home and stomped on the windshield to break it, said police.

No arrests have been made, but DNA samples of the suspect’s saliva have been obtained from the victim’s toes and investigations are underway.

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