LAPD hunt for graffiti artist who tagged a police horse

The LAPD are searching for a person who tagged a police horse in broad daylight

Alex Horne@AllHorne
Sunday 26 April 2015 11:49
Charly the horse had 'R.B.S' inked on his backside
Charly the horse had 'R.B.S' inked on his backside

The LAPD are on the hunt for a graffiti artist who tagged a horse.

The horse, named Charly, is a member of the LAPD’s Metropolitan Division’s Mounted Platoon.

Charly was on crime suppression detail at Venice Beach when the incident occurred.

The artist tagged ‘R.B.S’ in silver pen on the horse’s behind while the animal was being minded by police.

Venice Beach local, Mark Stegall, told CBS LA: "I think it's unfortunate, but people love to tag things in Venice, so really, I guess a horse is just the next step."

The police were able to easily remove the tag but are seeking to charge the offender with vandalism and animal cruelty.

Robert Kendall, another local, said: "It's bad for the animals and it's just people who want to mess with the status quo and I think it's pretty awful."

Appeals have been made for witnesses to come forward with information about the daring suspect.

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