Making a Murderer: Steven Avery's new lawyer attacks prosecution case via Twitter

'Won't quit until he's out' tweets Kathleen Zellner, America's best appeal attorney, who is taking Avery's case – and Twitter – on

Charlotte Beale
Saturday 23 January 2016 19:14
Steven Avery had filed a $36m civil suit against Manitowoc County sheriff's office at the time of his arrest in 2005
Steven Avery had filed a $36m civil suit against Manitowoc County sheriff's office at the time of his arrest in 2005

Steven Avery has the most successful appeal lawyer in America now on his case, and she’s already destroying the prosecution’s evidence on Twitter.

Kathleen Zellner has overturned more wrongful convictions than any other private US attorney, she claims, securing nearly $90 million for her clients betrayed by the US justice system.

Her firm "is looking forward to adding Mr Avery to its long list of wrongful conviction exonerations”, it said in a statement.

Ms Zellner's faith in Steven Avery’s innocence comes shortly after his former fiancée, Jodi Stachowski, told an American TV channel she believed Avery was guilty of Teresa Halbach’s murder.

The eyes of every Making a Murderer fan are following Ms Zellner as she sets about clearing the subject of the Netflix documentary. Only two weeks after taking on the case, in conjunction with Midwest Innocence Project director Tricia Bushnell, she is bringing down the evidence that put Avery behind bars – by tweeting.

Ms Zellner has been taking apart what she sees as the media’s misinformed reporting:

As well as pointing out holes in the state's witness testimonies:

Making A Murderer- Where are they now?

She has been telling Making a Murderer fans what they want to hear:

And she has offered a reading list too, for those hungry for more Making a Murderer-themed content:

She’s no stranger to documentary coverage of her cases either, which will have fans of the Netflix documentary hoping for a second series.

A film following the story of her wrongfully convicted client Ryan Ferguson, dream.killer, premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in December, and its freed subject has shown his support for Avery.

If you thought Making a Murderer was over when episode ten finished, stay tuned – Kathleen Zellner's not about to let us forget it.

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