'Mom Life' photography series captures reality of parenting a toddler

Anna Angenend says being around a two-year-old 24/7 is an 'endless' source of inspiration

Roisin O'Connor
Monday 27 April 2015 15:10 BST
(Anna Angenend/Rex Features)

A photographer has captured what stay-at-home parenthood really looks like by documenting the antics of her two-year-old daughter in a series of self-portraits.

23-year-old Anna Angenend decided to create "Mom Life": a record of family life that portrays the chaotic truth of caring for a strong-willed child.

The series comprises of one new photo taken each month. Angenend’s daughter Mia "loves" being part of the series and apparently often tries to take control of the camera.

(Anna Angenend/Rex Features)

The freelance photographer said: "Being around a two-year-old 24/7 is an endless amount of inspiration for a new photo. If I couldn’t laugh at some of the ridiculous situations I’ve been put in, I might just go a little crazy."

(Anna Angenend/Rex Features)

She told the Huffington Post: "I was staying up late planning activities that take 20 minutes for me to set up, five minutes for my daughter to finish, then another 20 minutes for me to clean up."

Since she began the series, other families have asked for her to capture their own as a more alternative, honest family portrait, while parents from all around the world have been in touch to say how much they enjoyed the photos.

"I'm blown away that parents in such a wide variety of cultures can relate to these scenarios," Anengend said.

"Turns out, we all have 'those' days. I hope the series continues to put a smile on some tired parents faces, and remind them they're not alone."

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