Motorist detained with wooden dummy in passenger seat in high occupancy lane on New York highway

Driver told police he used the dummy to ensure he got home

Andrew Buncombe
Monday 02 March 2015 17:11 GMT
A man was stopped in a HOV lane with this wooden dummy
A man was stopped in a HOV lane with this wooden dummy

You may well have assumed this sort of thing only happened in the movies.

But one New York motorist genuinely believed he could could get away with a dummy passenger in his car as he entered the high occupancy lane.

Police say James Campbell had a wooden figure in the passenger seat of his vehicle as he drove on the Long Island Expressway.

“He kind of shrugged and had a silly face on for the most part like he knew he was busted,” Suffolk County Highway Patrol officer Jonathan Abrams told Fox News.

The officer wasn't impressed with Mr Campbell's woodworking ability. “Not really, it wasn't a good job. Not a lot of artistic talent at all,” Mr Abrams added.

Mr Campbell reportedly told the officer he used the fake body because he wanted to make sure he got to work on time. Police handed Mr Campbell a summons for speeding and driving in the wrong lane.

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