Panther pounces on a 'clueless man' in animal sanctuary only to lick his face

Named Kal-El after Superman, the big cat was saved by the Mexican foundation where it now lives

Matt Payton@paytesy89
Tuesday 07 June 2016 14:06
Panther pounces on man at zoo

With his back turned, a seemingly unaware man was caught on video being stalked by a black jaguar in its enclosure.

Despite having no protective barrier, footage shows the man apparently unfazed upon seeing the big cat ready to pounce on him.

But instead of trying to attack him, the jaguar proceeded to playfully grapple and paw the man.

The man then proceeds to exchange kisses for licks from the predator cat.

To explain why the incident did not result in injury or worse, the man is Eduardo Serio, who runs the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation.

Named Kal-El after Superman, the big cat was saved by the Mexican foundation where it now lives.

Hinting at their close relationship, Mr Serio describes Kal-El as one of his "babies".

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The foundation, established in 2013, says it has 30 acres of land which it uses to care for rescued tigers, lions, jaguars, servals and lynxes.

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