Terminally ill dog given bucket list road trip of US

Poh's owner was told five months ago that he could have just days or weeks to live, but he's still alive and well

Louis Dore
Sunday 31 May 2015 16:21

A dog given a terminal diagnosis is enjoying a bucket list road trip chronicled on Instagram.

Neil Rodrigues, who adopted Poh at eight weeks old from a shelter, is treating his dog to a US road trip tour of landmarks after being told by a vet in February that Poh could have just days or weeks to live.

The account, @pohthedogsbigadventure, shows Poh in front of various landmarks.

Nice little stroll by the water side overlooking my hometown #nyc. Thankful for another day with my dad.

A photo posted by poh the dog (@pohthedogsbigadventure) on

Neil Rodrigues told The Independent: "Highlights for Poh have been all the beaches - San Diego, Fort Funston in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Austin Texas. Anytime he could get his paws wet.

"He also loved Sedona, where they have those energy vortexes. If I didn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it.

"When we brought him to one of the vortexes, he fell right asleep, have never seen him so calm."

Mr Rodrigues says the photographs have been a fantastic part of the adventure: "There were so many favorite photos! Probably though it would be the first time we got to San Diego Dog Beach."

Poh, a mixed breed, is described as suffering from numerous tumours as well as kidney failure. Mr Rodrigues was informed of Poh's condition five months ago, which is when he decided to embark on the trip.

So far on their journey they have travelled through 35 cities and 12,000 miles, and posted pictures on instagram in front of the Washington monument, the Hollywood sign and on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

Poh is predominately pictured lying down, or in a green travel buggy.

Mr Rodrigues reports that Poh is still alive and well.

"Poh is fortunately still with us, approaching 5 months after he was diagnosed with the multiple tumors. He still has a lot of life in him, with little spurts of energy."

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