Biden says he thinks QAnon supporters should seek mental health services

Joe Biden says QAnon supporters should get a mental health check while calling the conspiracy theory ‘totally bizarre’

‘I recommend the people that believe [QAnon] should take advantage while it still exists in the Affordable Care Act’ 

Danielle Zoellner
New York
Saturday 05 September 2020 00:18
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Joe Biden has said that the far-right conspiracy group QAnon should get a mental health check before the president has an opportunity to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

The Democratic presidential candidate made the comment during a campaign speech in Wilmington, Delaware, on Friday after he was asked what he thought about the conspiracy group.

“I’ve been a big supporter of mental health,” Mr Biden said. “I recommend the people that believe [QAnon] should take advantage while it still exists in the Affordable Care Act. It’s bizarre, totally bizarre.”

Donald Trump has declined to comment on the conspiracy theory, which alleges, that Satan-worshipping paedophiles currently run a sex-trafficking plot and are working against the president. These believers also think that left-leaning politicians and celebrities are involved.

The FBI has since deemed the conspiracy theory group a domestic terror threat after incidences of violence surfaced around the supporters.

“What in God’s name are we doing? Look at how it makes us look around the world. It’s mortifying. It’s embarrassing, and it’s dangerous,” Mr Biden said. “If the president doesn’t know better, which he has to know better, then my Lord we’re in much more trouble than I ever thought we were.”

“This can’t go on. This cannot go on. It’s the deconstruction of our democratic system.” he added.

Mr Trump was asked about QAnon last month during a press conference, and he said he was not familiar with the association but believed the people “love our country.”

“I understand they like me very much, which I appreciate,” he said at the time. “But I don’t know much about the movement.”

The president also praised Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, a Republican House candidate who is expected to win her seat in November. Ms Greene is an open QAnon believer and Mr Trump has called her a “future Republican star”.

“The words of a president matter. Even a lousy president,” Mr Biden said when addressing the president failing to condemn the conspiracy theory. “It gives encouragement to people who are spouting irrational views that no one has even close to presuming or showing ever existed.”

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