2020 election: What time do polls close? State-by-state guide to results

Closing times vary from state to state

Graig Graziosi
Tuesday 27 October 2020 20:16 GMT
Biden V Trump: US election opinion polls

Election Day is just a week away, and at least 36 million Americans have already cast their ballot. 

Though some states technically allow voters to cast their ballots after 3 November - Pennsylvania's Supreme Court will allow it to count ballots received up to three days after - in most places, a citizen's last chance to vote is on Election Day.  

Despite huge early voting numbers, it is still likely that many people will wait to vote in-person on Election Day. Many Republicans - after hearing baseless warnings from Donald Trump that voting by mail will lead to fraud - have told pollsters that they plan to vote in person on 3 November.  

To ensure their voices are counted, voters should be aware of when the polls close. Closing times vary from state to state, and voters should prepare for lines at their polling places.  

Keep in mind, just because a state's polls close before another's, does not mean that state will necessarily be reporting results first.  We have listed the time polls close in every US state below.

Alabama: 7pm

Alaska: 8pm

Arizona: 7pm

Arkansas: 7:30pm

California: 8pm

Colorado: 7pm

Connecticut: 8pm

Delaware: 8pm

District of Columbia: 8pm

Florida: 7pm

Georgia: 7pm

Hawaii: 7pm

Idaho: 8pm

Illinois: 7pm

Indiana: 6pm

Iowa: 9pm

Kansas: 7pm

Kentucky: 6pm

Louisiana: 8pm

Maine: 8pm

Maryland: 8pm

Massachusetts: 8pm

Michigan: 8pm

Minnesota: 8pm

Mississippi: 7pm

Missouri: 7pm

Montana: 8pm

Nebraska: 8pm Central, 7pm Mountain

Nevada: 7pm

New Hampshire: varies by municipality

New Jersey: 8pm

New Mexico: 7pm

New York: 9pm

North Carolina: 7:30pm

North Dakota: Between 7pm and 9pm

Ohio: 7:30pm

Oklahoma: 7pm

Oregon: Vote By Mail only

Pennsylvania: 8pm

Rhode Island: 8pm

South Carolina: 7pm

South Dakota: 7pm

Tennessee: Varies by county

Texas: 7pm

Utah: 8pm

Vermont: 7pm

Virginia: 7pm

Washington: 8pm (most voting done by mail)

West Virginia: 7:30pm

Wisconsin: 8pm

Wyoming: 7pm

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