Trump's Washington DC hotel illuminated with ‘s***hole’ projection after President’s Haiti and Africa comments

Other messages suggesting corruption were also projected

Clark Mindock
New York
Sunday 14 January 2018 17:52
'S***hole' projected onto Donald Trump's hotel in Washington DC

President Donald Trump’s now infamous way of describing Haiti and African countries as “s***holes” has been projected onto his Washington, DC hotel.

A video shows the projected words, illuminating the facade of the hold post office building alongside several poop emojis.

Other phrases were also projected, including “pay Trump bribes here”, “emoluments welcome”, and “we are all responsible to stand up and end white supremacy”.

The messages are the latest example of protesters using projectors to burn Mr Trump, who has faced record low approval ratings during his first year in office. The tactic has also been used to target other members of Mr Trump’s administration, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The “s***hole” statement comes in reference to reported statements made by the President during a White House meeting with Congressional leaders, when he apparently grew frustrated by proposals that would help Haiti and other countries.

The leaders had been meeting to discuss immigration reforms, and Haiti in particular was a subject of discussion following the Trump administration’s decision to revoke temporary protected status from Haitians, who had sought the legal protections following the 2010 earthquake that devastated the country. Haiti is still struggling to rebuild itself following that disaster, which killed at reported 230,000 people while eviscerating much of its infrastructure and people’s homes.

The leaked comments drew widespread criticism of Mr Trump, and left American diplomats with the unpleasant task of explaining what the President meant to the allies they work with in Africa and Haiti.

The international community by and large condemned the comments, and the comments drew at least one high level American resignation when the US ambassador to Panama left his post saying that he could not keep working under Mr Trump’s leadership.

Mr Trump, for his part, denied using the specific phrase, but admitted that he had used tough language during the meeting. It was unclear what that tough language may have been.

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