Hope Hicks: Five things we learned about Donad Trump's unlikely spokeswoman

Hope Hicks is the official spokeswoman for the Trump campaign

Andrew Buncombe
New York
Monday 20 June 2016 17:32
Ms Hicks does not 'spin' to the media
Ms Hicks does not 'spin' to the media

She has been described as an unlikely spokesperson for an even more unlikely political candidate.

Hope Hicks has been on the front lines of the Trump campaign since was switched from working for the tycoon’s daughter, Ivanka, to become his official spokesperson. The 27-year-old rarely tries to spin reporters, never appears on TV and works to ensure her boss - and not her - remains the focus of the story.

And yet the young woman from Greenwich, Connecticut, was on everyone’s lips on Monday, after a lengthy profile of her was published by GQ. Here are five take-aways about the woman at the beating heart of one of the strangest political campaigns in history.

Ms Hicks has no political experience before joining the campaign

PR professional

Ms Hick’s grandfather and father also worked in the PR industry. Her father at one time worked for the National Football League and is currently at the Glover Park Group, a Washington-based firm. She was working for New York-based Matthew Hiltzik, where she began working on a project for Mr Trump’s daughter.

Ms Hicks was introduced to the tycoon via Ivanka Trump

Political ingenue

Ms Hicks had no experience working in politics before she began working for the tycoon in 2015. She has been a “registered but dispassionate Republican” since 2008. She had not even volunteered on a campaign.

Ms Hicks famously fell out with the campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski,


Mr Trump says he spotted Ms Hicks’ talents immediately and lured her from the employ of Mr Hiltzik. “I thought Hope was outstanding,” said Mr Trump. He said Mr Hiltzik was not keen to lose her. “I wouldn’t say he was thrilled, but you know, we give him a lot of business.”

In Texas, Trump invites Sanders supporters to come on board

No life for love

The pressures of the campaign trail, led to a break-up with her boyfriend of six years. While she still technically lives in Greenwich, when she is not traveling, she stays in a an apartment provided by the campaign in New York City.


Ms Hicks famously fell out with the campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who swore at her and made her cry in the early days of the campaign. Their tense relationship found its way onto the pages of the New York Post after she was spotted on a Manhattan street, screaming at him. (On Monday, Mr Lewandowski was fired.)

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