Video: 'KKK protester' tries to bite way out of Donald Trump rally after attack

More than two dozen protesters were periodically evicted at Donald Trump's rally last night in New Orleans.

Harry Lambert
Saturday 05 March 2016 18:27

More than two dozen protestors were evicted in more than half a dozen separate incidents last night at the most racuous rally of the 2016 presidential primaries so far.

At the rally in New Orleans for Donald Trump, the runaway frontrunner for the Republican nomination, protesters were periodically tossed from the proceedings as a number of activists - mainly non-white - heckled the businessman's speech.

The rally, hosted in a hangar in the popular port city, came on the eve of presidential contests in a trio of states: Kentucky, Kansas, and Lousiana (of which New Orleans – a predominantly black and liberal city in a mainly white and Republican state – is an ill-fitting part).

In the most memorable and mortifying moments of the evening, a pro-Trump KKK protester was tolerated until a mix of security guards and local fans ushered him from the buliding – on the Donald's command.

The exclusive video above captures the moment in full, in which the man appears to try to bite a Trump fan who approached him and kicked out at another who stole his sign.

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