British grandmother Lindsay Sandiford caught smuggling cocaine in Bali 'could be executed within weeks'

Indonesia has signalled its intention to resume state executions

John Hall
Monday 04 February 2013 10:25
Lindsay Sandiford
Lindsay Sandiford

The fate of Lindsay Sandiford, the British grandmother found guilty of cocaine smuggling in Bali, could be sealed within weeks after Indonesia indicated its intention to resume executions.

The state has not conducted executions since 2008, a pause that had reportedly given hope to the 12 inmates currently on death row. Government sources are reported to have revealed that it was the high-profile conviction of 56-year-old Mrs Sandiford that led to the announcement.

In May last year, police in Bali said they had found almost 5kg of cocaine, worth £1.6m, in the lining of a suitcase carried by Mrs Sandiord, who lives in Redcar, as she passed through Bali airport. But Mrs Sandiford claimed she had been forced into taking the drugs into the country by gangsters who were threatening one of her children.

Mr Basrief said that the halt in executions since 2008 had been due to long appeals processes, which he wanted shortened. The deadline for her to lodge an appeal has been set for 12 February, but she is reportedly faces financial difficulties a lawyer.

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