China releases another bizarre propaganda video, this time celebrating its latest five-year plan

In anticipation of its thirteenth five-year plan, state-media release a trippy animated video to educate the West

Ryan Ramgobin
Tuesday 27 October 2015 12:51
China's latest five year plan promo video

2015 has already seen several Chinese propaganda videos, from foreign students falling in love with President Xi Jinping to Britain and China being “closer thank you think”; but this video is the most bizarre (until the next).

The state news agency, Xinhua, tweeted the video above with the caption: “Wanna know what China’s gonna do? Best pay attention to the 十三五! See why it matters”.

十三五 translates to China’s thirteenth five-year-plan.

The animated video is an attempt by China to educate the Western public on the process behind their five-year plans. It’s a move away from traditional propaganda videos and even features a regrettably catchy-tune with some questionable lyrics:

“But who makes all the plans? / There’s government ministers and think tank minds /And party leadership contributing finds / There’s doctors, bankers and farmers, too / And even engineers who deal with poo!”

The response online has inevitably taken a mocking tone.

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