Chinese 'cannibal' attack caught on video as drunken bus driver chews off woman's face

The incident is the latest in a string of worldwide 'cannibal' attacks

John Hall
Monday 02 July 2012 14:52

A drunken bus driver left a woman needing plastic surgery after leaping on her and chewing her face, in the latest in a string of worldwide 'cannibal' attacks.

The entire incident, which took place last Tuesday in the city of Wenzhou in south eastern China, was caught on camera and posted on YouTube.

The bus driver, named locally as Dong, had apparently been drinking heavily during a lunch with friends before running out into a busy street and stopping traffic.

He proceeded to jump onto the bonnet of a car driven by his victim, identified as ‘Du’, and hammer on the windscreen while Du sat inside screaming.

As Du scrambled out of the car to escape, Dong chased after her, catching her and biting her face. As the two fell to the ground, Dong continued to chew on her face, leaving Du with major damage to her nose and lips.

Passers-by said they attempted to pull Dong off Du, but said he was so ‘crazed’ that they were unable to. Eventually police arrived at the scene and restrained and arrested him.

The attack is the latest in a string of ‘face chewing’ incidents around the world.

In May, 31-year-old Rudy Eugene ate the face of 65-year-old homeless man Ronald Poppo in Miami. Poppo lost his left eye, had his right eye badly damaged, and suffered extreme injuries to the rest of his face after Eugene attacked him. Eugene was shot and killed by police during the incident.

Also in May, Alexander Kinyua, a 21-year-old Morgan State University student, admitted to murdering his roommate Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie and eating his brain and heart. The Kenyan student had apparently ranted on Facebook about 'mass human sacrifices' before the attack in the Baltimore suburbs.

In June, 26-year-old Charles Baker removed his clothes, stormed into his girlfriend’s house and bit and ate a chunk of a man’s arm, before powering through police taser guns until being tackled.

In another incident a 21-year-old man burst into a Florida restaurant shouting obscenities, and tried to bite the hand off a police officer.

And again in May, the Canadian porn star Luka Magnotta allegedly murdered his 33-year-old Chinese lover Jun Lin in a Montreal flat on the evening of May 24. Parts of the university student’s body were then posted to political offices in the city of Ottawa, including the Canadian Prime Minister’s party HQ.

A ten-minute video entitled ‘One Lunatic, One Ice Pick’ was posted online after the killing. The footage shows a man thought to be Magnotta attacking his naked, tied-up victim with an ice pick, before hacking him to pieces, eating parts of his flesh, and performing sexual acts on his corpse.

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