Picture of the Day: Moment the tsunami struck

Tuesday 22 March 2011 01:00

This sequence of photos show the final moments of a beach in Odaka, northeastern Japan, before it is hit by the waves of the devastating tsunami on March 11.

Below the waves, you can see the wreckage of an uprooted truck destroyed by the earthquake minutes earlier. The images were taken by environment researcher Sadatsugu Tomisawa in Fukushima Prefecture.It came amid news that it could take as much as five years for Japan rebuild from the devastation of the earthquake that has caused up to $235bn (£145bn) of damage, according to the World Bank.

It also estimates that 0.5 percentage points will be shaved from the country's economic growth this year. The bank added that private insurance firms would only be liable for a small proportion of the rebuilding costs, leaving households and the government to pay for the bulk of it.

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