Woman's hair pulled from her head during corn drill challenge

Unidentified woman falls victim to social media craze

Caroline Mortimer
Wednesday 11 May 2016 10:28
Chinese woman has hair ripped out in corn on the cob internet craze gone wrong

A woman in China had a sizeable lock of hair ripped from her head while participating in the latest internet craze - eating corn on the cob from a rotating power drill.

Footage posted online showing the unidentified woman performing the “corn drill challenge” when her hair becomes caught in the power tool.

The woman does not make a sound as a large piece of her hair falls onto the drill and is ripped out as the tool falls to the floor.

The unidentified woman's hair became trapped on the power tool

She is seen studying the damage - a large, slightly red bald patch in the centre of her head.

In a second clip, the woman visits a doctor who tells her the hair will grow back - but it will take a while.

The craze was sparked by a video posted by Chinese vlogger Eater Yang, whose attempt to eat the corn in under 10 seconds has been viewed millions of times.

Eater Yang is seen slowly pulling the cob across his teeth as bits of corn go flying.

Social media users have condemned the challenge as “completely unsafe” - but most of the concern was about people’s teeth rather than their hair.

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