Costa Concordia: Divers discover human remains in shipwreck

Bodies 'absolutely consistent' with descriptions of two missing people but are yet to be officially identified

Michael Day
Thursday 26 September 2013 18:35
The Costa Concordia as it was raised last week
The Costa Concordia as it was raised last week

Human remains have been found near the wreck of the Costa Concordia after the 290m vessel was raised upright.

Two people have been unaccounted for since the cruise liner sank off the island of Giglio on the night of 13 January 2012, claiming the lives of 32 people.

Russel Rebello, a 33-year-old cruise waiter from India, and Italian passenger Maria Grazia Trecarichi were reported missing.

Recovering the remains after 20 months under the weight of the cruise ship was “almost a miracle,” Italy’s civil protection chief, Franco Gabrielli, said. He also revealed they were “absolutely consistent” with the two missing people

Divers made the discovery close to the central section of the liner, from where many passengers had sought to escape in lifeboats. The bodies were lying just outside the hull on the sea bed. They still have not been brought ashore, and the process of running DNA identification tests is yet to begin.

Elio Vincenzi, Ms Trecarichi’s husband, has previously said he was optimistic she would be found. “I am filled with hope. I am still hoping to find my wife,” he said.

Mr Rebello was hailed a hero after helping passengers into lifeboats and giving away his life jacket.

Francesco Schettino, the captain, has been charged with manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and abandoning ship.

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