Dragan Dabic, columnist on 'Healthy Life' – and Europe's most wanted war criminal

Extracts from columns by Dragan Dabic, healer, spiritual researcher, and – as Radovan Karadzic – the world's most wanted war criminal

Saturday 22 October 2011 23:50

On meditation

"It is not only about the time you spend in prayer, nor the certain position you adopt, but about a series of moments where you dive into yourself (which we could describe as pulling yourself together), where you calm down the passionate and obsessive re-living of everyday life. For each and every housewife, it is that solitary early morning coffee, when the household has still not woken up."

On extra-sensory experiences

"It is widely believed our senses and mind can recognise only one per cent of whatever exists around us. Three per cent we understand with our hearts. All that remains is shrouded in secrecy, out of the reach of our five senses; however, it is within our reach in the extrasensory manner."

On religion

"The basis of every religion is the idea of life as sacred (which sets religion apart from sects). There is no authentic religion that does not put the salvation of man as its goal, both in this world and the next."

On care of the body

"Although we can not wilfully change the autonomous functions of our body, we can influence them indirectly by the items we introduce into our body, such as food, drinks, scenes, sounds or scents. But the major influence on events within ourselves comes from our thoughts and feelings. If something out of the above mentioned is bad... then the processes of life within us will be bad as well."

On higher states

"There is no doubt that at the heart of meditation and praying is an effort to reach a higher state. In some places, primarily in the East, the accent is on higher states of mind – a total consciousness or complete presence. While in other places, like here, the accent is on the state of the soul and its uniting with the Holy Spirit."

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