Dutch teacher strips off to teach children biology using a spandex suit

Andrew Griffin@_andrew_griffin
Sunday 11 October 2015 13:37
A picture uploaded by the school, taking during one of Ms Heerkens' lessons
A picture uploaded by the school, taking during one of Ms Heerkens' lessons

A teacher in the Netherlands is stripping off to teach her class biology.

Debby Heerkens, who teaches the subject at the Groene Hart school, is using spandex suits decorated with the body’s internal organs, bones and muscles to show children what’s going on beneath their skin.

Ms Heerkens had the idea for the lesson after seeing someone wearing leggings showing all of the muscles that were beneath them, she told local news site Omroepwest. She then looked on the internet and found a huge range of such clothes, and got hold of the suit that covered the whole of the body, showing its insides.

Before doing the lesson, Ms Heerkens consulted with the schools’ director. After he said he liked the idea, she began the lesson – standing on top of the table and taking all of her normal clothes off.

She worked “from the outside in”, according to Omroepwest – beginning with the body’s entrails and eventually getting to the skeleton.

Since then the school has shared video and photos from the lesson on Facebook, to a huge and mostly appreciative audience. Students at the school are asking when the next lesson will be, Ms Heerkens said, and many of those posting on the school’s Facebook hope that their school can introduce similar classes.

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