Footage shows moments two plane collide with each other in Istanbul

'I thought the plane had blown up. It was really scary'

Monday 14 May 2018 17:20
Two planes collide at Istanbul Airport

The moment two planes crashed into each other at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport was caught on camera.

As an aircraft from South Korean airline Asiana began to taxi to take off, it collided with the tail of a Turkish Airline plane, severing it in half.

Fire crews immediately rushed to the plane and began hosing it down.

Passenger Kaarina Barron said it “sounded like a bomb had gone off”.

We’d just pulled into the parking bay. We hadn’t even been stationary for a minute and the engines were still going when there was this huge noise,” the 55-year-old from Berkshire told the Mail Online.

Ms Barron who was travelling with her friend Claire Chambers, added that the "whole plane seemed to tilt over."

"It leant to one side and then it sort of righted itself," she said. "All kinds of things were going through my mind at that point. I thought the plane had blown up. It was really scary. For a moment I really thought: ‘This is it, this is the end of my life’.”

A spokeswoman for Turkish Airlines said: "The Airbus A330 type aircraft of the South Korean airline, Asiana Airlines, hit the tail of Turkish Airlines' Airbus A321."

However, they said that no passengers or crew were injured in the incident.

Those aboard were placed onto a different plane to complete their journey.

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