Young British film themselves illegally train-surfing in Paris

Group run along rooves as carriages speed past Eiffel Tower

Thomas Goulding
Monday 05 December 2016 18:39

A group of young British teenagers have filmed themselves riding on the roof of a fast-moving train at night in Paris.

Rikke Brewer uses a camera strapped to his body to video himself and at least four other friends perform the stunt.

"Yo guys, check this out," says Rikke, as the group vaults a fence to get onto the roof of Passy metro station in the west of the city.

With a train in the platform, the group jump down onto its roof before it takes off.

The train speeds up fast out of the station and Brewer runs along the top of the carriages as it travels across the River Seine, pointing at the Eiffel Tower close by.

The train then stops at station Bir Hakeim and the group quickly crawl under the building that cuts close to the train’s roof.

They jump down from the top of the train across another track onto the metro station’s platform, and flee the scene so as not to be caught by authorities.

The stunt was the first time Brewer had train surfed, he told Mail Online, but he says he found it easier than expected.

Paris public transport company RATP condemned the stunt on Brewer's Facebook post of the video, calling it “extremely dangerous and irresponsible”.

Brewer also recently uploaded on his YouTube channel a video of him on top of the Areva Tower, which is the fifth tallest building in the city at 184 metres high, before getting caught by police.

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