Woman disguises herself as a man and outplays all-male football team

The video was part of a social experiment for a Spanish TV show.

Marta Portocarrero
Wednesday 11 November 2015 14:34
Female football player plays tricks on male team

A professional Spanish female footballer left her opponents speechless when she went undercover as male football player in a non-league game in Madrid.

The video above was part of a social experiment for Spanish TV show El Hormiguero, aiming to 'destroy some of the myths' around women’s football.

Brenda Perez, the 21 year-old footballer, agreed to a seven-hour make-up session that included a latex mask, fake beard and a wig. She even had to wear gloves to cover her fingernails for the game.

Only the referee and her manager knew her real identity.

Players instantly noticed her talent and were amazed with her nutmegs, passing and shots. The opposing manager even commented, “he touches the ball well, doesn’t he?”

Players were visibly shocked to learn that the ‘new’ player was a woman.

The video went viral this week on the Hormiguero YouTube channel, having been watched by more than 500,000 people. It was also played during the TV show attended by Perez.

Script writer Jordi Molto said: "Women’s football doesn’t have any presence alongside men’s football which receives all the media attention."

"Some people might say women haven’t got the same physical capacity or the same strength but this shows the technique can be the same and women and men with a ball at their feet can put on the same spectacle."

Perez, who had played for top Spanish female sides, such as Valencia, Atletico de Madrid and Espanyol, described the experience as "unforgettable".

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