Isis fighters barter over Yazidi girls on 'slave market day' - the shocking video

Footage shows men discussing how they would pay more for a girl with green or blue eyes

Rose Troup Buchanan
Monday 03 November 2014 17:49 GMT

A video has emerged purportedly showing Isis fighters haggling over the price of captured Yazidi women during a “slave market day”.

Amnesty International claimed in September that Isis, also know as the Islamic State, were enslaving and abusing “hundreds, if not thousands” of Yazidi women and children. However, it was only last month that Isis officially admitted to the practise in their English language magazine Dabiq.

Since then individual tales of extreme suffering and abuse have emerged from the war-soaked region, however, this is believed to be the first instance that footage of fighters discussing captured women as slaves has be seen and widely shared.

In the video the cameraman declares: “Today is the slave market day,” and informs the audience that each fighter will receive “his share”.

Read the full transcript of the video below


The men discuss how much each slave is worth, with one fighter claiming that he will pay more for a girl with “blue eyes” and another saying he wanted a 15-year-old girl with green eyes. One man wants to exchange a female slave for a Glock gun.

Although difficult to verify, from the men’s accents it is believed they originate from Saudi Arabia, and are discussing a market in Mosul, Iraq.

A 15-year-old Yazidi girl captured by Isis and forcibly married to a militant in Syria describes her ordeal having escaped

Charlie Winter, of the Quilliam Foundation that campaigns against extremism, said to The Independent he was surprised when he first saw the video last week.

“One thing that is striking is that individuals who are usually first to denounce footage of this kind as part of a ‘dishonest’ campaign against Isis have instead recognised it. It seems to sit well with them, and I’ve seen this shared widely across the usual platforms.”

The image at the start of the video does not show the victims, but is a press image of refugees.

The video possesses “none of the traditional hallmarks” viewers have come to expect from Isis, instead, said Mr Winter, the fighters were “competing to be controversial: it certainly isn’t a propaganda video but more a demonstration of how comfortable they are.”

As the camera travels around the room, the atmosphere is disconcertingly jubilant, one of the men repeatedly shouts: “Where is my Yazidi girl?”

Transcript of the video

-Today is the slave market day. Today is the day where this verse applies “Except with their wives and the (captives) whom their right hands possess, for (then) they are not to be blamed.”

-Today is distribution day God willing. Each one takes his share.

-I swear man I am searching for a girl. I hope I find the one.

-Today is the day of (female) slaves and we should have our share.

-Where is my Yazidi girl? Where is my Yazidi girl?

-Whoever wants to sell his slave, whoever wants to give his slave as a present everyone is free to do what he wants with his share.

-Where is my Yazidi girl?

-Whoever wants to sell, I can buy my brothers. Whoever wants to sell his slave I buy. Whoever wants to sell his own slave, I buy her. And if you also give her as a girl, also I take her. Who wants to sell?

-I want to sell.


-I pay three banknotes [1 banknote is most probably 100 dollars]. I buy her for a pistol. The price differs if she has blue eyes.

-I buy her for a Glock.

-I pay 5 banknotes.

-It depends on what she looks like.

-If she is 15-years-old…I have to check her …Check her teeth.

If she has green eyes...

If she doesn't have teeth, why would I want her?

-Put dentures for her.

-I don’t want.

- ON the Yazidis… Can one take 2 slave girls? Does that work?

-[Voice behind camera] You have a share. What will you do with it?

-I’ve got a share of Yazidi but I don’t want one.

-Why? Wait why don’t you want yours?

-Abu Farouk and I, we do not want any.

-[Asks boy] Do you want a Yazidi slave? [boy nods] Can you handles her?

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