Isis in Kobani: Dramatic images emerge from clash as US rules out 'boots on ground'

Air power on its own is not going to be enough to save Kobani, the Pentagon's Press Secretary has said

Natasha Culzac
Thursday 09 October 2014 06:31

A US-led military effort to halt the advance of Isis may not be enough to stop the fighters gaining control of Kobani, an official said today.

Intense fighting for the Syria-Turkey border town has seen Kurdish forces try desperately to push back the militant Islamists.

Air strikes by coalition forces have tried to counter gains made by Isis, especially after Isis fighters claimed victory on Monday by planting its black flag in the town.

Incredible images have also today emerged of the clashes and air strikes occurring in Kobani, while Isis fighters can be seen wandering the town's deserted streets.

Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby told reporters earlier: “Kobani could be taken. We recognise that.

“We're doing everything we can from the air to try to halt the momentum of [Isis] against that town. Air power is not going to be alone enough to save that city.”

He said they are not planning to seek approval to send US ground troops into the fray, warning instead that local forces will need to be bolstered with support, training and equipment.

“We all need to prepare ourselves for the reality that other towns and villages — and perhaps Kobani — will be taken by [Isis],” Mr Kirby said.

Despite heavy fighting and continued air strikes, a leader of armed Syrian-Kurdish group Democratic Union Party (PYD) told Reuters said Isis had entered two important districts of Kobani “with heavy weapons including tanks”.

Co-chair, Asya Abdullah, added: “Civilians may have died because there are very intense clashes.”

Isis has been attempting to seize the town for over three weeks and tonight the group appears to have taken a number of buildings on the eastern fringe of the town.

Additional reporting by agencies

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