Politics expert goes viral after not wearing trousers during live TV interview

Talk about being caught with your trousers down

Chantal da Silva
Tuesday 01 August 2017 17:18
Jordanian analyst goes viral after not wearing trousers for Skype TV interview

A video showing a Jordanian political analyst doing a Skype interview for cable television without any trousers on has gone viral on social media.

Majid Asfour was being interviewed by Al-Jazeera news network last month regarding the shooting last month at the Israeli embassy in Amman.

With it being a Skype interview, Mr Asfour, who served as former editor-in-chief of Jordanian newspaper Al Rai Arabic, didn't waste time putting on trousers for the interview, dressing up only in a suit jacket and tie and propping his laptop up on his lap with two pillows to ensure the rest of his body wasn't in the picture.

He would have gotten away with it too, had someone else in the home not captured video of the scene, panning from the live interview playing on a television to Mr Asfour sitting on a sofa nearby, smartly dressed up top, but wearing only pants on the bottom.

The Abu Dhabi Network channel posted the footage on Twitter, where it has been shared widely, receiving thousands of views.

Majid Asfour explained that the temperature in Amman was above 30C when he did the interview

Mr Asfour told the Jordan Times: “The temperature in Amman was above 30C and I was at home, so I decided to wear a jacket, a shirt and go on air like this.”

He joked that he had been working in media and politics for a long time, but this was the first time he had experienced such popularity.

The video was reportedly filmed by his son, Manaf Asfour.

A Facebook account that appears to belong to Manaf shows him jokingly writing that he “slept on the roof” the night after sharing the video of his father.

“Such a cool dad,” one friend commented.

Of course, Mr Asfour is not the first commentator to fall victim to the awkward home Skype interview.

Professor Robert Kelly and his family rose to fame after an interview with BBC World News was interrupted but his two children, live on air.

Video of the professor trying to stay composed as his children burst into the room before being pulled out by their mother quickly went viral, with one YouTube video of the incident attracting more than 980,000 views.

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