The 10 Best garden wildlife kits

From hedgehog houses to full feeding station kits, give your garden wildlife the treat they deserve

Samuel Muston
Thursday 02 May 2013 16:25

1. Bird feeder


A hipster home demands a hipster bird feeder – and they certainly don't come much cooler than this number by Eva Solo.

2. Hanging bird table


Frankly massive and possibly the poshest bird feeder around. No covered sides, though, so all those nuts can get blown around.

3. Traditional bird table


No trees? No problem, as this table comes with its own supporting structure. It is also remarkably cheap given its pine construction.

4. Bird nesting box


A little nest, for little birds to brave the winter in. Made of a twisted rattan that allows for ventilation, but nicely stays the wind.

5. Hedgehog house


Featured on BBC Autumnwatch, it's the perfect sheltered feeding area. The door is predator-proof, so only hedgehogs, etc can get in.

6. Mounted squirrel feeder


Why shouldn't squirrels have a place to call their own? This is specifically made with the little grey- and red-tails in mind.

7. Window feeder


You may live in a block of flats but that doesn't mean you can't do your bit for winter-chilled wildlife. Attaches to your window.

8. Feeding station kit


This is positively bacchanalian, with feeders for seeds, peanuts, fat snacks and even suet. Caters for all sorts of little creatures.

9. Dovecote


Rather palatial, but it should be, given its cost. Pine construction has eight sides and four doors.

10. Squirrel feeder


Don't waste your time trying to keep squirrels out of your bird feeder: give them their own house instead. This one splits into two.

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