50% of US college students plan to buy an e-reader before autumn term

Sunday 18 September 2011 14:26

US college students will spend an average of $361 each in preparation for the new school term, 50% want to buy an e-reader and 73% a portable games console.

Consumer research group Alloy Media + Marketing released a report on July 7 detailing a 13% rise in ‘back to school' spending by US college students, giving a combined total of $306 billion.

According to Alloy media + marketing, the students will spend an average of $361 per person on non-essential or non-compulsory items, such as games, when they return to school in autumn.

Although currently only 2% of students own an e-reader device, 50% of those surveyed plan to buy one within the next year. Other electronic purchases expected to be popular before the start of the new school year include smartphones and portable gaming consoles. The number of students who own a smartphone is expected to rise by 26%, and 73% of male students plan to buy a handheld games console, while 67% intend on buying a non-portable version.

The survey also found that male US college students spend around $25 (€19.7) per month on personal care products as opposed to their female counterparts whom spend around $22 (€17).

Statistics from Technology research and business company Gartner show that in the two months of 2010 smartphone sales increased by 24% and Apple predicts that its iPhone will sell 21.3 million units in the US alone by 2011. The Association of American Publishers reported on June 6 that given the rising popularity of e-readers, e-book sales increased by 184.8% from March 2009-March 2010.

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