AC Milan mocked on social media amid rumours team bus has been sold to cut costs

The Serie A side are looking to slash their outgoings

Simon Rice
Tuesday 20 January 2015 14:14

AC Milan are cutting costs and among the expenses considered frivolous is their luxurious team coach.

Reports in Italy claim that the vehicle has been sold for a whopping £114,800 as they aim to save £150,000-a-year.

Perhaps it should come as little surprise considering the team's slide in recent years that was highlighted by the number of free-agents and loan signings that arrived at the club, including that of Fernando Torres from Chelsea.

It's all a bit embarrassing for a club that's won seven European titles, but that hasn't stopped the club from being mocked on social media.

Meanhwile this image was posted along with the message: "Exclusive pictures of AC Milan arriving at San Siro."

And here's the actual coach...

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