Netherlands vs Mexico World Cup 2014: Players take first official cooling break in Fortaleza heat

Players take a breather during 39C heat in Brazil

Tom Sheen@Tom_Sheen
Sunday 29 June 2014 18:40
Mexico players take on water during their cooling break
Mexico players take on water during their cooling break

The first official 'cooling break' in World Cup history has taken place.

With players clearly struggling in the 38.8C heat of Fortaleza, Portuguese referee Pedro Proenca opted to stopped the game twice for three minute breaks - on 30minutes and then again in the 75th minute - to allow the players to take on board some water.

Thousands of people on the bottom tier at the Estadio Casteloa emptied out as seats were directly in the blazing sun.

A Fifa statement said: "Official and mandatory cooling breaks have not been established for the 64 games of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, but instead they will be considered on a match-by-match basis.

"Climate conditions will be evaluated and should the temperature exceed 32 degrees, then the FIFA Venue Medical Office will recommend cooling breaks to the FIFA General Coordinator and Match Commissioner. The implementation of the cooling breaks will reside with the referee.

"Cooling breaks last three minutes in duration are then implemented by the referee at approximately 30 minutes into the run-of-play in both halves of the match (i.e. around the 30th minute and 75th minute respectively). Three minutes will then be added to stoppage time at the end of each half."

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