Paul Scholes: I hope that Manchester United fans would have applauded Steven Gerrard too

As part of his exclusive column for The Independent, Scholes writes about the departing Liverpool captain

Paul Scholes
Friday 15 May 2015 23:16
Steven Gerrard is applauded off the field by the Chelsea fans
Steven Gerrard is applauded off the field by the Chelsea fans

I wonder whether Steven Gerrard would have got a final round of applause at Old Trafford, had he been playing there last weekend instead of Stamford Bridge. Some of my United-supporting friends would look at me in disbelief if I suggested that. But I also know that many of them, like those Chelsea fans, have a respect for a one-club player who has been a brilliant footballer over the years.

I was glad that the Chelsea fans applauded Gerrard. It was just for a few seconds, but it did show that as fans we can look beyond our club rivalries when necessary. I don’t think it ever happened to me. Maybe when I got substituted at my testimonial! As a season-ticket holder in the Stretford End, I would have applauded Steven off the pitch – albeit just the once. There would have been a few in the seats around me who would object. But just as many who would have done the same.

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