Paul Scholes: Signals are looking good for Jack Wilshere

Arsenal man impressed in a holding role for England

Paul Scholes
Wednesday 15 October 2014 14:11
Jack Wilshere was excellent in a holding role for England this week
Jack Wilshere was excellent in a holding role for England this week

In his latest column for The Independent, Paul Scholes talks about Jack Wilshere...

I thought Jack Wilshere had two very good games for England during the last week. I would go one step further than that and say that, at the moment, Wilshere is England’s best player.

The penny has dropped and he has added another dimension to his game. He has always been capable of that intricate passing game. Now he can play the ball long, too. The quality of some of those passes into Wayne Rooney in Estonia was very high.

You cannot underestimate the importance of eye-contact between a midfielder and a striker in those situations. Wilshere mentioned it in one of the interviews that he gave and I would agree that it is critical.

With the great forwards I played with, it was often the case that you did not need a call or a signal. Often, it was just a look and it was enough to know where they were going. Wilshere and Rooney seemed to have that.

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