Something From The Weekend: Twelfth Night comes early; Fulham continue to leak; Cook's wedding tractor

The Good, The Bad and The Odd

Jack Pitt-Brooke
Monday 02 January 2012 01:00

The Good: Twelfth Night comes early

The inversion of traditional patterns of order is meant to take place on the the eve of the Twelfth Day of Christmas. There being no Premier League football on 5 January, though, we were treated to it all this weekend. First, the longest odds win in the history of the Premier League, Blackburn Rovers' 28-1 victory at Old Trafford. Then Stamford Bridge, once an unbreachable bastion, was mocked again by Alex McLeish's Aston Villa, a team not notable so far for its daring. And yesterday Sunderland stole a late winner against Manchester City. Might the misrule continue today?

The Bad: Fulham continue to leak

No matter how much Fulham fans drank on New Year's Eve, it would have made them less sick than conceding to Norwich after 95 minutes on Saturday, costing two points. It was not the first painful late goal Martin Jol's side have conceded this year, either: they were knocked out of Europe by a 93rd-minute Odense goal, and lost to Everton in October having conceded twice in added time. More focus required in this evening's el middle-clasico with Arsenal.

The Odd: Cook's wedding tractor

Alastair Cook, England's master accumulator, left his wedding yesterday on a tractor. No expensive luxury or vintage vehicle required for Cook; not the Aston Martin DB6 in which the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left their wedding. A tractor is not showy or flashy or pretty or exciting but is powerful and functional and rural and purposeful and very difficult to stop. An entirely appropriate choice for Cook.

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