Video: 11-year-old Liverpool fan picks up the Europa League trophy with Chelsea

Louis Kearns nearly awarded a medal by Michel Platini

Simon Rice@simonrice
Friday 17 May 2013 11:31

It takes a lot to upstage John Terry - but despite the attention the injured Chelsea captain received for going to collect the Europa League trophy wearing a full kit, an 11-year-old boy managed to steal the limelight.

Viewers of last night's final, won 2-1 by Chelsea, may have wondered what a young boy was doing sandwiched between Fernando Torres and David Luiz as the players went to collect the cup. Uefa president Michel Platini, who was handing out the medals, certainly look perplexed.

Today, the mystery boy has been revealed to be an 11-year-old Liverpool supporter. The Liverpool Echo name him as Louis Kearns and explain how he managed to get involved in the celebrations.

As Torres and manager Rafael Benitez waited to go and collect the cup, Louis ran across to have his picture taken with them. But when the players began to ascend the steps at the Amsterdam ArenA to lift the trophy, Louis went with them.

Louis was nearly awarded with a medal by Platini, but didn't appear disappointed when he didn't get one, turning around to face the fans and perform a little jig. He nearly remained for the lifting of the cup but was spotted by a spoilsport Uefa official and whisked off just before it was raised by Terry and Frank Lampard.

His aunt, Francesca Kearns, is quoted by the Liverpool Echo as saying: "Louis loves Torres so when he saw the opportunity he followed them to where they got their medals. He nearly ended up getting a medal.

"He loves football and he was really pleased he got to shake the hand of Uefa's President Michel Platini."

You can watch the video below (skip one minute into the footage)...

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