The busiest Premier League team of the season so far, featuring Cesc Fabregas plus...

Which players have had the most touches of the ball this season?

James Orr
Wednesday 31 December 2014 15:46
Cesc Fabregas in action for Chelsea
Cesc Fabregas in action for Chelsea

He may have been snubbed by Sky Sports pundits in their team of the season, but the statistics show that Chelsea's Cesc Fabregas has been the busiest player in the Premier League, touching the ball a whopping 1,899 times this season - that's 221 more than any other player.

Taken from statistics compiled by Squawka, here is the busiest team in the Premier League at the half-way stage this season, featuring the players to have touched the ball most per each position.

To see the XI of the busiest players in the Premier League this season, click through the gallery below..

What counts as a touch? A ball touch is not actually every time a player touches the ball, but an addition of all of the on-the-ball events a player does – e.g. if a player touches the ball five times to take the ball past an opponent, this is counted as one "touch", because Squawka is counting the event of the take-on as one on-the-ball event. Events that are considered ball touches are as follows: any type of pass, a throw in, any dead ball situation, a take-on, a tackle, an interception, a clearance, any shot, any block (cross, shot or pass), a won aerial duel.

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