Jose Mourinho says Chelsea defeat to Newcastle was all to do with the 'ball'

Newcastle won 2-1 at St James' Park to end the Blues' undefeated start to the season

Simon Rice@simonrice
Saturday 06 December 2014 17:19

Jose Mourinho saw his team defeated for the first time this season and was quick to point towards issues with the ball.

Chelsea had gone 21 games unbeaten in all competitions prior to the encounter with Newcastle but second-half substitute Papiss Cisse scored twice in 25 minutes to ensure the home side won at St James' Park.

Steven Taylor was sent off for a second bookable offence in the 81st minute and Didier Drogba scored two minutes later but it wasn't enough.

It means Mourinho remains without a league victory at Newcastle in his two stints as Chelsea boss, but he felt his side were unfortunate to lose and suggested the Magpies employed time-wasting tactics to get over the line.

"No complaints. Unlucky," he said. "We had a lot of chances to score in the first half, we didn't. In the second half again we had chances, we didn't (score).

"They defend and the first time they were there (in attack) they score a goal. After that, everybody (got) behind (the ball) against a team that tried everything and a team (in which) every player went to the last seconds."

He continued: "We wanted to play more football but it was not possible because a few things I thought didn't belong any more to top-level football but still belongs - the ball disappeared, the ball doesn't come, another ball comes, the ball boys run away - these kind of situations that unfortunately are still part of the game. But no complaints."

In a separate interview Mourinho amplified his indignation at what he considered time-wasting.

"I think the six minutes (stoppage time) could have been 20," Mourinho told the BBC.

"Things that were happening outside the four lines are things that the referee cannot control.

"He cannot punish the ball boy that disappears, he cannot punish the people in the crowd who keep the ball, he cannot punish the person who throws the ball so we have two balls on the pitch at the same time.

"One thing is to waste time on the pitch, the proper way, you keep the ball, you go the corner, you hold the ball, win a free kick, the goalkeeper doesnt't run to get the ball, but it's another thing when it happens outside the four lines.

"I think that in high level football it wouldn't happen, but it happens."

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