WWE Raw results: Seth Rollins takes out Ryback as Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan turn on each other under pressure from The Authority

Reigns and Bryan will face each other at Fast Lane for the right to face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania

Calum Gillon
Tuesday 10 February 2015 09:30 GMT
Reigns delivers a spear to Bryan at the end of Raw
Reigns delivers a spear to Bryan at the end of Raw (WWE.com)

Roman Reigns kicked off Raw fresh from embarrassing Big Show and Seth Rollins last week. He talked about the Royal Rumble and the fact that he would have to fight Daniel Bryan at Fast Lane for a spot at Wrestlemania. Then Bryan came out. He thanked him for intervening in his match last week before exclaiming that he was the better wrestler.

The Authority interrupted and, apart from Triple H calling out Sting again, they issued a tag-team match with Reigns and Bryan against Big Show and Kane. And it was up first.

Bryan and Reigns flew out of the blocks and looked like they had the upper-hand, until Bryan was caught off the top rope by the two giants and the tide turned. It was all Show and the Big Red Monster until Bryan managed to lock in the Yes Lock, unfortunately for him Show dragged him out and caused the disqualification.

Show and Reigns then delivered chair shots to each other until Bryan accidentally delivered a running knee to the Roman Empire. After everything had died down, Triple H then announced a five-on-two handicap match for later on with Bryan and Reigns against Rollins, Big Show, Kane and J & J Security.

Rollins was in action first though against Ryback; Mr Money in the Bank started well and J & J intervened whenever they could get away with it. Just when Ryback had Rollins in a compromising position though, security got involved again and caused the disqualification, allowing Rollins to hit a Curb Stomp to the helpless Big Guy.

A Divas match now with Paige facing off against Brie Bella. Brie looked impressive and was in control for most of the match, until Paige hit the Rampaige out of nowhere to get the win.

A little argument between John Cena and Rusev was next, in which Rusev basically ended up poking Cena in the eye. Nice and pointless.

Bray Wyatt against Dolph Ziggler was our next match, with Ziggler looking impressive throughout. The Show Off came close with a number of pinfalls but it was Wyatt who walked away with the win. After Ziggler had thrown him out of the ring, Wyatt nearly decapitated his opponent with a vicious clothesline out of nowhere, before hitting Sister Abigail.

Sting accepts the challenge from Triple H for their Fast Lane showdown (WWE.com)

Tag-team action now with the creepy Gold & Stardust up against New Day members Big E and Kofi Kingston. As soon as the match started though, Stardust walked off and from the distraction Kofi rolled up Goldust in a small package for the win.

Triple H came out to get an answer from Sting regarding their Fast Lane match. After some mind games on the big screen and some lookalikes in the crowd, Sting accepted.

The Usos makes their entrance to face Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (WWE.com)

Another tag-team match now as The Usos and Cesaro & Tyson Kidd went face to face. Kidd and Cesaro were extremely physical and took control of the match from the off. Just as The Usos looked to build a bit of steam and deliver a Samoan Splash, Cesaro was able to push one of the twins off the top rope and Kidd got the three count for the victory.

Damien Mizdow and Sin Cara were in action next, with Miz at ringside barking orders to his PA Mizdow during the match. When Mizdow went for the Figure Four, Miz interrupted saying that he couldn’t use that move, allowing Sin Cara to take advantage and wrap up his opponent in a small package for the win.

Curtis Axel came out to complain about his Royal Rumble ‘elimination’ before his matchup with Dean Ambrose. Ambrose made short work of him, hitting Dirty Deeds to pick up an easy win.

The Authority line up to take on Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan (WWE.com)

The Main Event now with the majority of The Authority facing off against Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns in a Handicap match. The match hadn’t even begun before the latter two were attacked, Show and Kane delivering a double chokeslam to Reigns before the bell rang. Once the match did start, Bryan was dismantled by the entire opposition, even J & J. And when Reigns finally got into the ring, he went straight back out after a knockout blow from Big Show.

Ryback, Ziggler and Erick Rowan came out and as The Authority went out to meet them, it left J & J alone in the ring with Bryan. Bryan cleaned up before Reigns tagged himself in to get the pinfall and the glory. The two then squared up and Reigns speared Bryan, leaving Triple H and Stephanie McMahon laughing in the back.


Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns DEF Big Show & Kane via DQ

Ryback DEF Seth Rollins via DQ

Paige DEF Brie Bella

Bray Wyatt DEF Dolph Ziggler

New Day DEF Gold & Stardust

Cesaro & Tyson Kidd DEF The Usos

Sin Cara DEF Damien Mizdow

Dean Ambrose DEF Curtis Axel

Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns DEF Big Show, Seth Rollins, Kane & J and J Security

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