WWE Smackdown Results: Dean Ambrose stretchered out after brutal Bray Wyatt attack as Luke Harper defends Intercontinental title

Ryback and Erick Rowan collided with Seth Rollins and the Big Show in the main event

Sumit Rehal
Saturday 06 December 2014 13:23

A rematch between Dolph Ziggler and Luke Harper for the Intercontinental Championship kicked off the show after last week’s bout ended in a count out. The two matched each other evenly until Harper gave the contender a huge low blow for the referee to end the match in disqualification.

The former Wyatt Family member wasn’t finished there as he threw a steel ladder in the ring to Powerbomb Ziggler. “The Show Off” was able to counter the move into a Facebuster onto the ladder and leave unscathed. Santino Marella approached the stage as the temporary General Manager of Smackdown and made a ladder match at the TLC pay-per-view for the title.

Seth Rollins, The Big Show, Kane and J&J Security stood in the ring to address the unit’s upcoming matches at TLC. Rollins said that he will beat Cena and become the new number one contender during his Tables match and he will get a lot of splinters along the way. Big Show then grabbed the microphone to state that he will make Erick Rowan eat the steel steps during their Stairs match at the PPV.

Show then went into a frenzy and acted out how he would hurt Rowan with the stairs and proceeded to slam the steel outside the ring. Kane then sent a message to his opponent Ryback by saying he will feed Ryback chairs after chairs during their confirmed Chair match. Marella came out to the stage again to make a tag-team match for later in the night between Rollins & Big Show and Ryback & Rowan.

New Day danced to the ring to take on Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods represented their stable as Big E watched on. The match was over in just a few minutes with a backbreaker/top rope stomp combination from New Day. The Dust Brothers appeared on the big screen to tell the new faction that their positive message means nothing to them as darkness falls on them every day. Woods grabbed the mic in response to say that darkness will not prevail as long as they are together there is no force in the cosmos that can hold them back. Big E concluded that Stardust & Goldust will feel the raw power of The New Day.

Dean Ambrose stormed down to the ring to say that he will destroy Bray Wyatt with the help of tables, ladders, steel chairs and even “The Eater of the World’s” rocking chair. Rusev & Lana cut Ambrose short to claim that Americans are a disgrace to the world and remind the crowd that they attacked Zeb Coulter. Rusev then made a salute to Vladimir Putin, to which Ambrose said he wasn’t paying attention to as he came there to fight.

Ambrose approached Rusev to start a brawl but Wyatt attacked from behind to get a head start on his rival. Wyatt placed the rim of the steel chair on Ambrose’s throat and then hurled him onto the stairs to dangerously choke his upcoming opponent. Ambrose was heavily injured from the attack and was stretchered out by paramedics while the commentators commented on the severity of Wyatt’s actions.

The Miz & Damien Mizdow approached the ring to talk about Jimmy Uso’s girlfriend Naomi. Miz said that he could use his Hollywood contacts to make Naomi a star as she is “hot”. Jimmy then ran to the ring to attempt to fight the disrespecting tag-team champion but Jey was able to restrain him and took on The Miz in a singles match. The Mizdow caused a brief distraction for The Miz to land the Skull-crushing Finale and win the match to keep up his winning momentum. The Usos are the number one contenders to the Tag Team Championship and Miz’ personal tactics are working to get them distracted.

Naomi took on Brie Bella in a singles match while AJ Lee sat and watched on at the commentators’ desk. AJ said that all she wants is to be Divas Champion all year long while Nikki sat on the steps and watched her rival to gloat her new title. Naomi managed to steal the win as AJ took out Nikki to allow Brie to lose focus and get rolled up in the pin. AJ looked on with glee at the loss of her foes as she sets her mind towards a rematch for the championship.

The main event between Ryback and Rowan and Rollins and Big Show saw the two teams continuously out-do each other as the match progressed. Kane attempted to cause a diversion to allow his companions to benefit but this actually hindered their chances as the referee didn’t see Big Show tag in and didn’t let him enter the fold. Rowan took Show out while he was occupied with the official and this allowed Ryback to lift Rollins up and land the Shell Shock for the pin. Ryback and Rowan lifted their hands in victory as they continue their run as a winning team since Survivor Series.

Ryback hits Seth Rollins with a shoulder to the gut

The matches for TLC have been created swiftly as there has not been much time to set the event up as it’s only three weeks from the preceding PPV. Most of the matches are rematches from rivalries that have stemmed from Survivor Series but this week’s Smackdown has enabled further development in the angles as the rivalries have become more personal. Monday’s Raw is the “Slammies” edition, which will cause even more conflicts ahead of TLC.


Dolph Ziggler DEF Luke Harper by DQ

New Day DEF Cesaro and Tyson Kidd by pinfall

The Miz DEF Jey Uso by pinfall

Naomi DEF Brie Bella by pinfall

Ryback and Erick Rowan DEF Seth Rollins and Big Show by pinfall

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