Paralympic opening ceremony organisers were 'resourceful' with budget


David Mercer
Wednesday 29 August 2012 18:16

Creators of the Paralympic opening ceremony said they had been “resourceful” with the show's budget after receiving less funds than its Olympic counterpart.

Organisers have not revealed the cost of tonight's ceremony but co-artistic director Jenny Sealey said the show had been made on a "prudent budget".

Some £27 million was spent on Danny Boyle's spectacular Olympic curtain-raiser, while the remaining £53m was divided between the Paralympics opener and the closing ceremonies for both Games.

Ms Sealey said: "We have been incredibly - in our own usual theatre way - resourceful with what we have had.

"We've done a good job with what we have got.

"You always want more," she added.

Stephen Daldry, executive producer of all four shows, said more money had been spent on London's Paralympic opening and closing ceremonies than at previous Games. However he admitted he was unsure how much had been spent in Beijing four years ago.

Mr Daldry said the broadcasting infrastructure needed to reach a worldwide audience of a billion people meant the cost was higher for the Olympic opening ceremony.

He said: "One of the great benefits of having one organisation run all of these four shows is the sharing of resources, which made it economically viable within the parameters of that budget."

"Obviously there is a difference in funding for a whole variety of things. Not everything is equal. You have to carve up your cake accordingly.

"If you asked each of the directors that we've employed on these shows - do you want more? I'm sure they would all say yes. Would I have wanted more than the £80m? Yes. Do I think it's appropriate in the economic climate that we should have more? No."


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