Superbowl 50 organisers paint both end zones in Denver Broncos colours: photos show league officials terrible mistake

Carolina Panthers would have expected to have had their own end zone. But pictures have shown a mistake that indicates otherwise

Sam Hall
Friday 29 January 2016 18:02
Levi's Field, California will play host to Super Bowl 50
Levi's Field, California will play host to Super Bowl 50

Sports stars can be superstitious types. Many will have a time-honoured pre-game routine, some will listen to the same song before a game whilst others are known to wear the same underwear whilst on a winning streak. For this reason League officials from the Superbowl will have been placing their heads in their hands this morning after a painting error to rile even the most rational of fans.

For if ever a side were to feel that the game may be against them - it would be when both of the scoring areas are painted in the colours of your oppposion. In American football it is the custom for both sides to have their own specially adorned scoring area. However, officials managed to paint both end-zones in the colours of the Denver Broncos.

The mistake came as preparations progressed for next Sunday's Super Bowl 50 at the Levi's arena in California. The Denver Bronoco's will face the Carolina Panthers in a quarterback match-up between the 39-year-old Peyton Manning and 26-year-old Cam Newton. Both were first pick's in their respective NFL drafts, a massive 13 years apart.

The event is sure to be a huge spectacle with British band Coldplay set to joing Beyonce and Bruno Mars on the pitch for the half-time show. The world's biggest sporting even is known for its all out efforts to entertain, from the game itself all the way down to the commercials; you can see a selection of the bet of those below.

Rest-assured, however, that come game-time on Sunday the groundstaff will be sure to have the stadium, and pitch, in perfect condition

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