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The things you should never say to a graduate jobhunter

A bitesize guide for those who tend to speak before thinking

Lizzi Hart
Thursday 05 May 2016 12:08

Searching for a graduate job is horrible. You have a million other things to juggle, yet you still have no job, no secure income, and nowhere to even go during the day (which, believe it or not, is important).

We get it - you’re trying to be ‘helpful’. You’re trying to involve yourself in my life (thanks), or you just thought of me when you saw a job advert for McDonald’s. But, if you truly care about someone who is searching for a graduate job, please never say these eight things to them - it’s not helping an already tough situation:

1) “How’s the job-hunting going?”


Please don’t make me answer that question. Again.

2) “Ooh, you know what? I heard [insert random retail brand] are hiring”


Stop. I know there are part-time jobs available, but that’s not what I’m not looking for.

3) “Have you found a job yet?”



4) “You should have done something more academic at university”


You need to get out of my face before something very bad happens.

5) “You’ve still not found a job yet? Oh dear, all the good ones will be gone by now…”



6) “You’ve got an interview? Wow. What’s wrong with them?”


Your hilarity must be such a burden.

7) “How are you affording to live if you haven’t got a job yet?”


Are you offering to help me out, or just being really bloody nosey? Is it worth reminding me of my crippling debt? No? Thought so.

8) “Wait, didn’t you graduate last summer? What have you been doing?”


I’ve been sitting around, doing nothing, waiting for the job fairy to appear with a £40k graduate scheme in Central London. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Do you have any more to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

Lizzi Hart is a recent linguistics graduate and a marketing assistant at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau

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