Edinburgh heads the top 10 cities for finding love at university, according to University of Surrey

Further education also sees people meet their best friend for life, survey finds

Aftab Ali
Wednesday 26 August 2015 08:11

Students who are heading to university next month can look forward to making best friends for life but, moreover, could even end up meeting that special one, according to a recent survey.

The University of Surrey spoke with over 1,000 graduates to find 36 per cent of them had met their husband, wife, or partner during their studies.

Compiling a list of the top ten cities in the UK where students have found love, Edinburgh came out on top with a score of 53 per cent.

Bristol and Liverpool came second and third with a score of 46 per cent each as university also proved a hit for those who met their friend for life.

The top ten cities for finding love at university:

  1. Edinburgh – 53 per cent

  2. Bristol – 46 per cent

  3. Liverpool – 46 per cent

  4. Cambridge – 42 per cent

  5. Norwich – 42 per cent

  6. Durham – 41 per cent

  7. London – 37 per cent

  8. Oxford – 36 per cent

  9. Birmingham – 36 per cent

  10. Nottingham – 35 per cent

As another core part of university, 43 per cent of graduates said they met their best friend while studying, while 39 per cent, aged between 55 and 64, said they are still best friends with someone they met at on campus. The same was said for 37 per cent of people over the age of 65.

Results also showed how being social is just as important as studying: 42 per cent said socialising with friends was their favourite part of their higher education experience, followed by nights out (20 per cent) and classes and seminars (12 per cent).

Vice-president and registrar of the University of Surrey, Dr David Ashton, described the other benefits of further education and said: “University isn’t just about growing academically – it is also about personal development.

“We see our students gain independence and new friends, so it’s wonderful to hear that the friends and loved ones people meet at university remain in their lives long after graduation.”

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