Student commutes to University of London from Poland to save money on accommodation rent

Aftab Ali
Student Editor
Monday 28 September 2015 11:40
Jonathan Davey flies into London from Gdańsk every Wednesday
Jonathan Davey flies into London from Gdańsk every Wednesday

Ever wonder why you pay so much rent for accommodation in London? Think you have a long and challenging commute in the morning on top of this too? Think again.

One student has revealed how life in The Big Smoke is so expensive that he flies 1,000 miles into his lectures at the University of London every week – from Poland.

Originally from Hampshire, anthropology major Jonathan Davey explained to The Mirror how renting a room near the university would have cost him up to £880 each month. But, after travelling throughout Europe last year, the 23-year-old now pays just £2,100 each year which includes pre-booked return flights, transport to and from the airport, and a weekly rent amount of just £35.

Leaving the port city of Gdańsk and flying into Luton at 6am every Wednesday, the student told the paper he stays in either cheap hostels or with friends until Friday before heading back to his Polish hostel at the weekend.

House prices - London Live

Describing how the cost of living for students is crippling and how he knows he is thousands of pounds better off living in Poland, Mr Davey added how the quality of life in Poland is much better than being in the UK.

Despite admitting how his parents think he is mad, he said: “I’ve shown them the figures and they can see I’m saving a fortune.”

The student’s move has only further highlights the accommodation crisis taking hold in London. Recently, the Sutton Trust published a report highlighting how bright, young people – especially those from disadvantages background – are being priced out of the city’s housing market – despite London being the top place in the country for law, medicine, media, and finance jobs.

Urging all 2016 mayoral election candidates to consider ways to address the issue, the authors of the report warned of the worrying implications for social mobility.

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